New Petition

The petition is now closed, and is being submitted to Cardiff Council for presentation both at full Council, and at the Planning Committee meeting.

Many thanks to all who have signed the petition. In total we gathered over 2,300 electronic signatures. The wording of the petition is given below.

We, the undersigned, wish to place on record our objection to the revised plans submitted under Planning Application Reference 20/00187/MJR.  We object to any plans to put vehicular traffic or dwellings on this land, which sits entirely within the area designated as the River Taff Corridor in the Cardiff Local Development Plan.  Development on this land would contravene multiple policies of the LDP.  It is a haven for wildlife and an accessible, quiet, natural, traffic-free open space, highly valued by local residents and visitors for many years, and especially providing mental and physical health and well-being throughout the pandemic and into the future.