The Council’s offices and members of the Planning Committee can only turn down the application on the basis that it breaches existing Council and government policies, strategies and guidance. Your objection must therefore be clear and concise, and must be specific in highlighting which policies, strategies and guidance will be breached if this development were to go ahead. You can find some useful general guidance on writing objections here. Note that objecting about the impact of the construction of the development is unlikely to carry any weight. Focus your objection on the world as it will be if the housing estate has been built.

This newsletter provides some further guidance. It will be distributed across Danescourt next week. The objection letter sent by the Danescourt Community Association (DCA) offers a good example, click here to see it.

You may want to include photographs to illustrate your points, like the DCA letter. You are welcome to use any of the photographs available in the Gallery for this purpose. Many thanks to the various photographers who have all given permission for their pictures to be used in this way.

The remainder of this page considers each of the areas which might be among your concerns, and could form the basis for your objection:

Government Policy /PPW/TANs/circulars/DM manual

Local development plan / SPG – supplementary planning guidance

Overlooking/loss of privacy/ loss of light or overshadowing

Traffic, Parking, and highway safety

Layout and density of building

Design, quality, appearance, access and materials

Climate change and sustainability

Noise and Air quality

Nature conservation and ecology

Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)

Click here to see a comprehensive list of adopted Cardiff Local Development Plan policies.

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