A new draft plan for the development of 45 dwellings has been published by the same development consultant that withdrew their previous plan.  Once again, they propose to take all traffic to and from the site via De Braose Close.  This time there are more dwellings, all for social housing, and they anticipate providing housing for 182 residents.  The overall site is unchanged, though the larger number of dwellings are now packed more tightly into the southern 2/3 of the site, with the proposal to leave a small part of the northern end of the wooded area undeveloped.  The intention is that the houses will be owned and managed by the Taff Housing Association.

The green shaded area indicates woodland, which occupies more than half the site.

The plan below shows how the developers propose to replace the woodland and open land with an access road and 45 dwellings and minimal provision for parking.

This web site will be updated with news of this application, and with details for those in the local community who wish to oppose plans to build on this much loved open space.  Two planning applications have been previously submitted for development on this land in recent years – in 2004 and more recently in 2014.  In both cases, the council’s planning committee rejected the applications.  In both cases the applicants appealed against the council’s decision, and in both cases the appeal was rejected.

We are confident that the widespread opposition to this renewed attempt to destroy land that has been designated in the Local Development Plan as protected River Corridor will prevail once again.

Please visit the news page of this site regularly, as details of how to voice your objections will be published here as soon as a formal planning application is submitted.

If you have any questions, or have news relevant to this site, please do not hesitate to contact us at info [at] saveourwoods [dot] org.