Planning application

At the moment, no planning application has been submitted to Cardiff Council. However, PMG Limited have given notice of their intention to apply for planning permission on behalf of the owners, Nabatean Limited, to build at least 40 houses on land between Radyr Woods and Radyr Court Road, with vehicle access via De Braose Close.

The proposed application, plans and other supporting documents are available at

As soon as the application has been submitted it will be made publicly available on the city’s web site.  We will publish a link to that site here.

Cardiff Local Development Plan

Whilst the adopted Local Development Plan is itself a controversial document, it is the council’s formally adopted plan, and it states that the River Corridors “possess high recreational, biodiversity, historic, cultural and landscape value”.  They will be “protected, promoted and enhanced, together with facilitating sustainable access and recreation”.  The land on which the proposed housing estate will be built is clearly marked as part of the Taff River Corridor to be protected:

You can download the adopted LDP and associated maps here.


A significant part of the woodland that would be destroyed by the development is protected with Tree Preservation Orders.  This map shows the protected area marked in green:

Previous Planning Decisions

This land has had planning applications rejected in 2005 and 2014.  On both occasions the council’s planning department turned down the applications.  Both decisions were appealed against by the developers, and each time the Inspector rejected the appeal.

In the first case, the Inspector concluded that:

“It is evident that the area of open space, within which the site lies, is valued by local residents because it is an easily accessible area that has retained, to a significant extent, a rural character, and which also contributes to the enjoyment of recreational users who appreciate its role as part of a larger area of open space….further development would erode the present balance between the natural environment and the built form.”

You can read his decision here.

The more recent appeal, in 2014, focused on the difficulty of vehicular access to and from the site along Radyr Court Road.  You can read the Inspector’s decision here.