Thank you

Many thanks to the 1,056 people who signed our petition on paper or online. We’ve now closed the petition, but if you want to express your support for our campaign there is still time to register an individual objection with Cardiff Council. Click here for details of how to do this in writing, by email or online.

The petition wording

We, the undersigned, wish to place on record our objection to Planning Application Reference 20/00187/MJR that seeks to build 45 dwellings on woodland and open land with road access from De Braose Close, Danescourt, Cardiff.

Signatures collected in this petition will only be used for the purpose of being submitted to Cardiff Council in objection to the planning application. If you sign this petition, please do not also sign a paper copy of the same petition. In addition to signing this petition, please also send an individual objection to the Council explaining the reasons for your objection. Guidance on how to do this can be found here. Each individual letter of objection carries weight, so the more that are sent to the Council, the stronger our voice.