Revised plans – please send a short objection

Revised plans to build 45 dwellings, all catering for social housing, on land accessed from De Braose Close have now been published, and can be viewed and downloaded here. Whilst it is proposed to keep a small part of the woods, the plans still involve traffic from 182 residents through the length of De Braose Close with the access road cutting through the wood. If you wish to oppose this proposal, please send a simple objection to the planning consultant, pip [at] pipcole [dot] co [dot] uk, with a copy to info [at] taffhousing [dot] co [dot] uk. We suggest you only give a brief explanation of your objection, as there will be further opportunity to make representations directly to Cardiff Council once a planning application has been submitted.

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  1. • The road in Debraose Close is only 5 meters in width and has a sharp bend at the bottom of the hill, congested with residents parked cars and vans.
    • In winter conditions especially, this hill proves very difficult when driving out of Debraose Close due to snow covered roads and black ice, along the length of Debraose Close and at the bottom of the hill and the T-Junction.
    • Cars and vans are parked half on the pavements to allow vehicles to pass. This is blocking the pavement access for pedestrians and people walking through Debraose Close forcing them to walk on the road.
    • It is clear that more traffic will add to the already hazardous pavement restriction for pedestrians and make it even more dangerous with increased traffic.
    • The top of Debraose Close is a collection point for school children that are meet by their parents at the end of the day, there are around 15 additional cars meeting at this point Monday to Friday.
    • This very narrow road will increase the hazards mentioned above, if industrial traffic is passed through Debraose Close to deliver supplies for any proposed construction work as mentioned plans.

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