Submit your objection now!

The council have given a deadline of 15th March for comments on the revised planning proposal. Even if you previously sent in an objection, or signed either of the two petitions, please also send a new objection to the Council. Each one counts, and has to be reported to the Planning Committee before they reach their decision.

A personal, individual objection is best, but if you are looking for inspiration or want a shortcut, our facebook page has a Word draft ready for you to download. Just add your name and address (an anonymous objection will be ignored), and send it, either by email, post or by submitting it via the portal.

Remember, there is no appeal process – the decision of the Planning Committee is final, so it is our only chance to stop the development.

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  1. We love and need nature as humans. Please stop destroying our natural land. These woods are sacred to the people who use them everyday.

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