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We have until the 4th March to submit our objections to the Council. Whilst we believe this deadline will be extended, we’re asking everyone who doesn’t want this development to go ahead to send in their own objection, before this date if possible. You can submit an objection by email, post or on the council’s planning portal. Click here for details of how to do this, and for more guidance see this page and its associated links. We will continue to update these pages with more details in the coming days so if you have suggestions, please let us know, or add your comments to these pages.

10 Replies to “Send in your objection now”

  1. Save the trees! Flooding countrywide is largely due to deforestation. Cutting down woodland only adds to flood risks.
    7000 houses are already being built along Llantrisant Road area, at great ecological cost
    This woodland is special and should be left alone.

  2. How can you justify building houses on this flooded area? There are 7000 houses going up on Llantrisant Road isn’t that enough? The pollution in this area will increase causing more stress on resources.

  3. What a shame to have every bit of green land built on!
    BBC is having nearly 400 new homes being built and all the new homes in Radyr.
    Cardiff just isn’t what it used to be!
    Transport around this area is already ridiculous.

  4. Please do not build any more houses in this area.Trafiic is becoming gridlocked,it will make matters ten times worse especially with the houses going to be built on the BBC.

  5. Aren’t there enough houses being built already in this area. One- the problem with flooding will be great for the new dwellers. Two- is anyone actually thinking of all the extra traffic that will be on these roads in an already over populated area with cars. Three- the pollution, that the trees you are proposing to destroy help with. No regard for any of that. Just greedy people with ever increasing rents. Affordable Taff Housing is a joke. The rents are now more than the average mortgage for the same size house in the same area !

  6. Lots of excellent points made in the comments here. Unfortunately entries here cannot count as objections, as they must be made by individuals directly to the council, so please visit the Objections pages on this site to find out how to make your objection count. Thank you all for your support.

  7. The affect of these houses being built will directly affect the residents of De Broase close, while construction traffic is getting access, and when finished, the number of cars leaving the houses, will have add more air polution to the area.
    Despite contradictions to this being an ecological site, it is, with a number of different species of bats living there. In recent weeks the lower section has become a pond, so there has to be drainage issues too. The wood provides a pleasant access to the Taff Trail, being a safe route and therefore allowing me and other Trail users, dog walkers , cyclists etc to avoid the dangers of already overloaded roads.

  8. For Gods sake, enough is enough. have you not destroyed enough of our woodland in this area ? what is the matter with these developers and the people who give permission. They should be ashamed of themselves. Do they not understand that they are killing the communities, wildlife and environment in our area, and putting peoples lives at risk by building in this area. Please stop and look at yourselves and control your greed.

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