Is this process fair?

The developers have updated their plans and Cardiff Council has invited the local community to comment. But, given the necessary restrictions of lockdown, this is clearly not an inclusive consultation. We cannot meet together with our councillors to learn and discuss the new plans. We have a petition, but only a digital one, that requires signatories to be familiar with modern internet technology. We can only reach people by email, web and social media and a handful of public posters. We are not able to distribute leaflets to affected homes. In short, this process excludes, and discriminates against, a large section of the local community.

Our councillors, Philippa Hill John and Sean Driscoll, have highlighted their concerns about the unfair process that we are being forced to follow in a letter to the Leader of Cardiff Council. They have suggested that the consultation should be postponed “until such time as all residents have an equal opportunity to make their representation, having full access to all the means available to them to do so.”

We will let you know when they receive a response. Read their letter in full here:

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