Welsh Water investigations in the woods

From 6th April Welsh Water will be conducting a ground investigation in the woods between De Braose Close and the railway. All local residents have been informed, and both Welsh Water and Cardiff Council have made it clear that this investigation has nothing to do with the application to build the road and houses in these woods and neighbouring meadows.

The ground investigations have been triggered by the need to design new construction work on the main sewer network to accommodate the Plas Dwr development. The investigation will take about four weeks, but sadly involves removing the ash tree right at the end of De Braose Close, and constructing a temporary stone track through the woods. The ash tree, which is suffering already from ash dieback is the only tree that will be removed, though they will need to trim back branches along the access route for safety reasons. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, the construction work itself will commence in spring 2022. Welsh Water plan to leave the stone access track in place for the duration.

We understand that there will be a barrier at the end of De Braose Close to prevent unauthorised vehicular access to the woods. You can view the letter I received from Welsh Water below:

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