A timely call from the Future Generations Commissioner

I’m sure many have seen this article on BBC News:


It couldn’t be more relevant to our threatened green space. How lucky we are that Danescourt already has exactly the kind of green open space that so many lack. And how ironic that the council is seriously considering a proposal to destroy it, in contradiction of its own policies, which have turned out to be more relevent to everybody than many might have imagined.

Perhaps we should all write to the Commissioner and ask her to look into this case? You can contact her here.

Is this process fair?

The developers have updated their plans and Cardiff Council has invited the local community to comment. But, given the necessary restrictions of lockdown, this is clearly not an inclusive consultation. We cannot meet together with our councillors to learn and discuss the new plans. We have a petition, but only a digital one, that requires signatories to be familiar with modern internet technology. We can only reach people by email, web and social media and a handful of public posters. We are not able to distribute leaflets to affected homes. In short, this process excludes, and discriminates against, a large section of the local community.

Our councillors, Philippa Hill John and Sean Driscoll, have highlighted their concerns about the unfair process that we are being forced to follow in a letter to the Leader of Cardiff Council. They have suggested that the consultation should be postponed “until such time as all residents have an equal opportunity to make their representation, having full access to all the means available to them to do so.”

We will let you know when they receive a response. Read their letter in full here:

Submit your objection now!

The council have given a deadline of 15th March for comments on the revised planning proposal. Even if you previously sent in an objection, or signed either of the two petitions, please also send a new objection to the Council. Each one counts, and has to be reported to the Planning Committee before they reach their decision.

A personal, individual objection is best, but if you are looking for inspiration or want a shortcut, our facebook page has a Word draft ready for you to download. Just add your name and address (an anonymous objection will be ignored), and send it, either by email, post or by submitting it via the portal.

Remember, there is no appeal process – the decision of the Planning Committee is final, so it is our only chance to stop the development.

Sign the new petition!

Following the submission of amended plans by the developers, we’ve decided to run a new petition to counter any claims that these updated plans address the concerns of the local community. They are largely unchanged, with a small reduction in the number of dwellings, but proposing to house the same number of people and destroy the woods and open land that is marked for protection in the Cardiff Local Development Plan.

So please sign the petition, even if you signed the previous one. Every signature adds weight to our objection. With the pandemic, we can only run this as an e-petition, so click on this link to enter your details and digitally sign the petition.

We have to submit the petition at least a week before the application comes before the Planning Committee. We don’t know when that will be (not expected before April), so please let you friends and neighbours know about the new petition and encourage them to sign it now.

Revised plans, new notices

You may have noticed that new planning notices have been put up around the woods and meadow. On 4th February the developers submitted a revised set of plans, reducing the number of dwelling to 36, in response to “various discussions” they have held with council officers. We are checking with our local councillors and the council how this affects the status of existing objections and our original petition. The proposed development remains essentially the same, with the same level of destruction of woodland, removal of trees, incursion through the wood with a new road, and the replacement of the meadow with housing, roads and parking.

We’ll update this site and send out via the mailing list recommendations regarding further local action once we have reviewed all the revised documents and received advice from the council and our councillors.

Many thanks for the continued support of all those who wish to protect this area and uphold the council’s policy of maintaining green spaces along Cardiff’s river corridors.

Planning Department restarts services

Cardiff Council has announced a phased resumption of services delivered by the planning department. Cases that would require the involvement of the Planning Committee fall into Phase 3, and work is still ongoing to develop arrangements for these. They say that Phase 3 is unlikely to commence before the beginning of June, and have confirmed to Cllr. Philippa Hill-John that the application to build on land at DeBraose Close falls into this category.

Click here to see Cardiff Council’s announcement.