Planning Committee meeting

After years of delay, Cardiff Council’s Planning Committee will meet to decide the fate of the application to build 36 dwellings on the woodlands and meadow between De Braose Close and Radyr Court Road. The meeting takes place at 10.30am on Thursday 7th December 2023 in Committee Room 4, County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff Bay. There is a public gallery should you wish to attend in person, and the meeting will be webcast live with the recording made available for later viewing.

If the Committee decides to approve the application, the Welsh Government Minister for Climate Change, Julie James, will consider whether to intervene and take over the decision, potentially overriding the Council’s decision. In our view, there are very strong grounds to do this, as granting permission would clearly go against numerous policies outlined in the Council’s Local Development Plan, and the Welsh Government’s Planing Policy Wales.

If the Committee rejects the application, against the advice of their own officers, as they did in 2013, we are likely to see an appeal from the applicants, which will result in a hearing before a Planning Inspector in 2014.

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