Planning Committee Outcome

Following presentations to the Committee by planning officers, a representative of the petitioners, the developer’s agent and the four councillors who between them represent residents in Radyr and Danescourt, the committee Chair proposed that the application be put back to planners to bring it back to committee next month with reasons for refusal (planners had recommended approval). It was seconded by the Deputy Chair, every member had the opportunity to speak to the application which they did. The Committee members voted unanimously in support of the Chair’s proposal.

Accordingly, the case will return to the Committee next month, but this time with a recommendation from Planning Officers for its refusal by the Planning Committee, which we very much hope they will confirm.

Commenting on the outcome, Cllr. Sean Driscoll said:

“I’m really pleased that the community campaign to save Danescourt Woodland has been successful. This area of natural woodland alongside Hermit Wood and Radyr Woods that is a stepping stone for wildlife, is well used by walkers from not just Danescourt & Riversdale but by the wider community of Radyr Llandaff & beyond.

Residents supported by the Danescourt Community Association and the Llandaff Society have run a fantastic campaign. Working with my ward colleague Peter Jenkins, I was pleased to play my small part in helping the community to save this wonderful space that is and continues to be, of enormous health and wellbeing benefit.

Today was very difficult for Councillors who I know like me, care passionately about housing and recognise we absolutely need more social housing.

However, as I said in my speech to the planning committee. Putting social housing in a dark damp corner of Danescourt, against a railway line, with unsafe   pedestrian access, on a former city tip is unacceptable and not fair to future occupiers. Planning committee excellently chaired by Cllr Ed Stubbs unanimously agreed.

We have plenty of land allocated for housing. Which needs to be on bus routes, close to shops, surgeries and amenities, that would be better suited.

Llandaff & Danescourt has a deficit when it comes to Public Open Space (POS) which is so important for communities and we need to continue to improve, enhance and protect it.”

We will post links to the committee report here when it becomes available. If it is formally refused next month there will remain the option for the developers to appeal against the decision (as they did on two previous occasions in 2004 and 2014). Our next step is to make sure that the land is recognised as Public Open Space by the Council and remains a part of the Taff River Corridor in the next LDP.

We look forward to next month’s committee meeting in anticipation of the application’s refusal.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported the campaign over the years.

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